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Spring 2016 High School Coaches

Varsity Coaches

Marshall Kay

Coach's Expectations:
1. Dedication 
2. Grades
3. Find your role
4. Be coachable!
5. Have FUN!

 Be present.  Be prepared.  Be accountable.

Junior Varsity Coaches

Mike Jones
Bingham Class of 2010 All Conference
Phone: 801-634-1346

Brett McCarty
Phone: 801-718-7738

Tyler Atwan
Bingham Class of 2013
Varsity Defensive Coordinator

Talen Little  
Bingham Class of 2014 All-Conference

Phone:  801-455-1492
Sophomore Coaches
Scott Bronson
Bingham Class of 2014 All-American

Cody Elmen
Bingham Class of 2014
Phone: 801-707-8729

Junior, Thunder & Storm Coaches

How Do I Get Better Every Practice?

1. Be on time and ready to practice!
2. Be to every practice!  Let coach know if you can't attend practice.
3. Make sure you have ALL your gear including your pinnie.
4. Listen to coach and work hard to learn the game.  Be coachable!
5. Hit the Wall!!  Do wall ball before and after every practice!