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Welcome Bingham Lacrosse New Head Coach

Welcome Coach JD Barnes

Parent and Player Meeting, June 20, 2018 - A whole new approach and infusion of energy and excitement have been instilled into Bingham Lacrosse with the introduction of our new Head Coach and Program Director, JD Barnes. Coach Barnes brings an intense focus and sincere passion for the ‘making of men.’ His job as he described was to ensure the CARE and GROWTH of the young man first and foremost, he emphasized that no win or game or season is worth sacrificing our values or our boys. 

Secondarily his focus will be on the care and growth of the team and helping the lacrosse players, coaches, and community recommit to showing up differently, to becoming better people and the very best teammates possible. 

To this end he brings twenty plus years of professional process improvement, leadership and personal development as well as culture enhancement training. He connected several times with only the athletes in the room, demonstrating and describing what the season will hold for each of them. It will include 20 hours of classroom time focused on leadership, 10-15 hours off the field team development, including an intense team building exercise where they will learn to work together and overcome limiting beliefs while treading water for several hours.

Build Our Lacrosse Legacy

Coach Barnes spoke about our future and the lacrosse legacy with a real desire to develop the youth program. He has set aside time to train coaches and players at every age and every skill level. “Bingham Lacrosse is a ‘SLEEPING GIANT’ ready to engage in powerful ways,” he continued. 

“We need to grow our youth program to 500 and create meaningful connections between the high school and youth, filling our stands with future lacrosse champions.” 

He outlined four connection and development programs to help us achieve this goal. 

Prepare The BOY

The training programs and protocols included ‘Preparing the BOY for the path ahead.’ 

We will never waste any time improving or softening the path – their future lives depend on us making them capable of handling adversity.”

He discussed the support that is expected from the board and the parents as well as the commitment he needs from each of the boys. He shared confidently that when the boy clearly understands that he matters, that his commitment and accountability matter, that he is on a path that matters and his team bond is unbreakable… then we will see incredibly powerful results at every level.

Bingham B - Digging Deeper

He finished by sharing some mottos that we would live by, including the ‘Bingham’ B attributes for a great teammate… a few of the 30 plus included B Consistent, B Inspired, B Engaged, B Accountable, B Relentless, B Unselfish and B A Leader. He told the boys that when we have all the boys living the B attributes and ‘Digging Deeper’ to improve our best self we will achieve our goals. We will be in better shape, have better skills, having more confidence and better teamwork than our competition. We will have a shared goal, vision, responsibility and accountability, knowing where we are and where we are going. We will believe in ourselves and in each other and in the system, we will show gratitude, appreciation and service to each other and we will be undefeated in our attitudes, actions and attributes.

It was an exciting evening and introduction and many players and parents left with a renewed commitment and enthusiasm for Bingham Lacrosse.