Put in 800 minutes of wall ball to become a part of the 800 Club and get an exclusive free t-shirt.

Do wall ball whenever you can.  Before team practice.  After practice.  Anytime.
Be consistent and you will see big improvements.

800 Club Criteria
1.  Put in at least 800 minutes of wall ball between February 1st and the end of Spring season.
2.  Each wall ball session should last between 20 to 30 minutes.  No more than 30 minutes per day.
3.  Have a wall ball routine that you go through each time.
4.  Work on your left and right hand equally.
5.  As you improve make your routine more challenging.
6.  Teach an underclassman.  Take them under your wing and help them get better.
7.  Keep track of your own minutes and report them at the end of the season.
8.  You will earn the exclusive Wall Ball T-shirt if you accumulate at least 800 minutes.  Awarded at the Year-end Party.

Ramp up your game
And earn this exclusive 800 Club t-shirt

Beginners Wall Ball Routine
Always wear your gloves.  You play with gloves so practice with them on.

1) 25 right hand passes, right hand catches
2) 25 left hand passes, left hand catches
3) 25 right hand passes, left hand catches
4) 25 left hand passes, right hand catches
5) 25 right hand quick stick
6) 25 left hand quick stick

If you finish before 20 minutes is up then start the routine over.
Don't practice more than 30 minutes a day.
As you improve begin adding new drills such as a one-arm throw, Canadian throw, behind the back, run the wall, and dodges.