Jr Varsity

High School Players 9th-12th Grade

Bingham lacrosse players and parents 

Tuedsay, May 17th 8:00pm  Bingham -vs- Waterford

1. Anyone needing to be on the sidelines must have visible credentials. All players must be in uniform, including injured players that sit with the team. Coaches must have their coaching badge and we will provide sideline passes for your table crew and medical personnel. 

2. Stadium Rules for coaches and players and spectators:  

  -NO cleats on the track (mats will be on the track behind the teams, as well as a walking path to get to your team’s side.

       -NO sunflower seeds in the stadium.

  -NO colored sports drinks on turf.

-NO gum on turf.

3. Ticket Prices:

   $5  -  Cash & credit cards will be accepted

5 and younger are free

        Younger players in their lax jerseys are free

4. Concessions will be open before and during all games.  Dinner, snacks, drinks, lacrosse swag.

5. A VIP tent will host college coaches, media people, mayors, school principles and athletic directors to give your players the exposure they deserve.

6. A Facebook event has been created with additional information, please share this linlk with your parent email list and players:



End of the Year Party !!!  Tuesday May 24th in the Bingham Cafateria

For all the players and their families (Players wear your jersey)
We are having pulled park sandwiches as well as a bar of bars. Brownies, lemon bars, cookie bars. Yummy!!!
-All Goalies and Defenders are to bring a bag of chips
-All Midfielders are to bring a salad (green, pasta, fruit or jello)
-All Attack are to bring a 12 pack of soda

The alumni game is going to be on June 1st 

We are always looking for new Sponsors. If you are or anyone you know is interest please fill out the Sponsorship Form and get it to Jason Jones (jasonlehijones@gmail.com).  If you have any questions feel free to call Jason at 801-598-1475.  Don't forget, it's tax deductible. 

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Photos and videos of the teams can be found on the individual team pages.  We need help with video and photos for the JV team.  Call Jason Jones 801-598-1475 or email jasonlehijones@gmail.com if you need help loading the pictures and or video.

Senior Spotlights

Senior Night 2016 Pictutres


Name: Austin Allen #28

How did you get started in Lacrosse?  

When I was younger I was actually a baseball player.  My dad kept telling me that I had to try Lacrosse and I was not real crazy about the idea.  So when I was about 10 years old I was all ready to start baseball practice and to my surprise my dad had signed me up for Lacrosse instead.  I went to the first day of practice crying and screaming.  I was pretty upset about the whole thing.  I left practice that day smiling from ear to ear!  I loved Lacrosse and knew I was "hooked" from that day forward!!!

What are your plans after graduation?

I will be serving a mission for the LDS church.  My papers will be submitted soon.  Upon my return I plan to further my education and attend college at Utah State University in the field of Aerospace Engineering.

What is your most memorable Bingham Lacrosse moment?

How bout the most terrible moment......."Tearing my ACL in the Brighton game"......... AHHHHHHH!!  That was terrible.....Okay but for real my favorite part of Lacrosse has been all the pasta parties with my buddies and teammates.  I love the energy that we all have as we get together and get each other pumped for the next game.  I love having team unity and conversations to figure out what we can do to improve.  I am especially grateful for the friendships, coaches, parent support, and lifelong memories that have been made by being a part of this team sport!!  Thank you to everyone for making my Lacrosse years the best!!!!

Name:  Stockton Antczak #44

1.  How did they get started in Lacrosse?

His cousin played Lacrosse and said he should give it a try. So he did.

2.  What are his plans after graduation?

Serve an LDS mission, then attend USU when he returns.

3.  Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment.

The last practice of the 2015 spring season. It was wet and rainy so everyone was slipping all over the place and it was just a really good time.

Name: Dallin Bently #22

1. Dallin had a passion for swords as a young kid and just couldn't find a sport that he liked and did well, so his parents thought that a sport that carried a stick similar to a sword might work.  He started hestitantly in 4th grade, in fact, he said he hated it, but played anyway because he felt bad that his parents paid for all the gear.  Good thing he stuck with it.

2.  Dallin plans on going to BYU where he will be playing lacrosse for a year.  After that he will be serving an LDS mission.

3.  One of his most memorable moments in Bingham lacrosse was playing hard and earning team MVP

Name:  Jeremy Croall #26

1.  How did they get started in Lacrosse?  Jeremy started playing lax in junior high school after seeing a varsity game and thinking it looked way more fun than baseball.

2.  What are his plans after graduation?  Jeremy is going to the community college, and then on to the University of Utah to study mechanical engineering.

3.  Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment.  One of Jeremy's favorite memories was from the DC / Maryland trip last spring. He and ten of his teammates rented bikes and toured the city and rode to all the monuments.

Name: Josh Degn #10

1.  Josh got started in Lacrosse because Blake McMullin and other friends who played invited him to come and try playing Lacrosse.

2.  After graduation, Josh plans to go to BYU for a year and then go on a mission.

3.  Josh's most memorable Bingham Lacrosse moment was going to DC with the team.  He loved playing the games and sight-seeing with the team.  It was a lot of fun!

Name: Logan Dempsey #9

Logan started playing lacrosse with Alta when he was 8 years old and has never stopped playing. His love for lacrosse has brought him many great opportunities one which is a player on the US national box lacrosse team. In June he will be going with the team to play the top teams in Canada. He most memorable times with Bingham lacrosse is going to the tournaments.

Name: Carson Ekblad #42

Carson started playing lacrosse with his friend Caden Childrey in his front yard with fiddle sticks.  They had so much fun he decided to give the sport a try. In June. Carson will be leaving to serve in the Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina Mission.  Carson’s favorite lacrosse moment was the Washington DC tournament and playing with all his friends.

Name:  Connor Fairholm #96

1.  How did they get started in Lacrosse? In 7th grade, Connor tried out for lacrosse and he has loved it ever since.  

2.  What are his plans after graduation? Connor plans to serve a LDS mission, attend the University of Utah and continue working in the fire service as an EMT.   

3.  Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment. At the Davis Game when he came out of the crease and laid out an opponent, receiving a penalty.     

Name: Jarek Hedman #23

1. How did they get started in Lacrosse?

Jarek and his friend Jordan McCleve decided to give lacrosse a try in 7th grade.

2. What are his plans after graduation?

Jarek has chosen to attend Utah State University this fall.

3. Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment?

Jarek's highlights would be

1) Making JV as a freshman, as a fairly new lacrosse player

2) Lacrosse trip to DC

3) Scoring a goal against Skyview

Name: Nick Jacobson #32

1. How did they get started in Lacrosse?  

While playing in the Bingham youth football program one year, long time Bingham Lacrosse coach Stan Tschaggeny asked Nick if he would like to try playing lacrosse.  Nick tried it, loved it and has been playing it ever since!

2. What are his plans after graduation?

Nick plans to serve an LDS mission later this summer and attend college after his mission.

3.  Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment.

Nick's most memorable lacrosse moment was the year he played with Coach McKinney.

Skyler Little #88

Skyler started playing lacrosse when he was in third grade to stay in shape for football. After graduating High School, he will be finishing his medical assisting minor before transferring to the University of Utah in hopes to get into Medical School. His most memorable moment was when he scored a one-handed low to high while playing for Scott White with all of his friends.

Name:  Tanner Maxfield #80

1.  How did they get started in Lacrosse? About a year and a half ago, Tanner's good friend, Skyler Little said, "Hey, you should come play lacrosse."

2.  What are his plans after graduation? Tanner is graduating HS with his Associate of Science Degree. He will attend the University of Utah in the fall, and has earned 3 different academic scholarships!!

3.  Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment.  Tanner's ONLY lacrosse memories have been with Bingham, and he's loved both seasons that he's played.


1.  Jordan's older brother talked him into playing lacrosse when he was in 7th grade and he has been hooked ever since.

2.  Jordan plans on being AWSOME after graduation.  He also plans on going to work in the computer field.

3.  Jordan's favorite LAX moment was Sophomore year.  In one game he played Middie, Defense, Goalie and scored the winning goal.  It was an epic day!

Name:  Adam Monsen #58

1.  How did they get started in Lacrosse?

They had stopped playing baseball and a friend wanted them to play lacrosse with him.

2.  What are his plans after graduation?

Attending the University of Utah in the fall

3.  Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment.

Varsity goal against Viewmont - earned Player of the Game and it was so good that it even impressed my brother!

Name:  Tyler Monsen #2

1.  How did they get started in Lacrosse?

They had stopped playing baseball and a friend wanted them to play lacrosse with him.

2.  What are his plans after graduation?

Attending the University of Utah, accepted into the Business Scholar program

3.  Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment.

Playing against Judge last year.  Great team win.

Name: James Packer #21

James started play lacrosse 12 seasons ago with his friends.

James will be opening his mission call in the next day or two and leaving this summer.

There isn't one specific moment that stands out but the friendships made have influenced me for a life time will always be cherished.

Name: Garrett Petersen #33

1. How did they get started in Lacrosse? Garrett started playing Lacrosse in the fifth grade and was introduced to the sport by his cousins and sister.

2. What are his plans after graduation? Garrett will start thinking about his after High School plans on June 3rd, not a moment before.

3. Most memorable Bingham lacrosse moment. Spring Season his sophmore year, oh and Evan Whites ankle socks!


Hayden got started in lacrosse when he was about 8 years old.  There wasn't a Bingham team so he started playing with Riverton.  He played with them for a couple years before Bingham made a youth team of their own.... And he has continued to play with that same bunch of boys, many that are all on the Bingham team still today.

Hayden plans on serving a 2 yr mission for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints soon after graduation. Upon returning from his mission Hayden plans on studying Dentistry at Southern Utah University in Cedar City Utah. He has planned on being a Dentist since he was 4 years old and can hardly wait to get started!!

Hayden said we really can't discuss his most memorable lacrosse moment..... but he has liked traveling and playing with many old friends since they were all little and all of the many coaches he has had the opportunity to work with!!

Name: Evan White #3

Evan started playing lacrosse in 4th grade. He chose lacrosse over baseball because he could retaliate and hit people.  Evan's most memorable moment in lacrosse was the trip to Washington DC last year. Evan is a hard worker and we are so proud of him and his accomplishments. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout middle school and high school will be leaving on July 26 to serve an LDS mission in Monterrey Mexico. After, he will attend BYU where he has received an academic scholarship. Lacrosse has been a huge part of our family over the past 10 years. We appreciate all it has done for our boys and we love being part of the Bingham lacrosse family.

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